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How to Create an awesome canvas using simple tools
drawing instructions for how to draw a cat's face with different shapes and sizes
Art for Kids: Laurel Burch Cats
the pasta is cut up and ready to be put into small pieces on the cutting board
Julie B Booth Surface Design News
Great Print making idea from the upcoming book, "Fabric Printing at Home" - How to Make Pasta Print Blocks
several pieces of construction paper on a table with crayons
Cityscape printmaking, 4th grade
Boy oh boy, did I love this project! I have always had a fondness for cityscapes, and printmaking is one of my favorite mediums, so...
an abstract painting with red and black colors
plastic bag printmaking
Plastic Bag Art - a great way to unleash your creative side #printmakingwithkids #printmaking #kidsactivities #kidsart
three flowers made out of colored paper on top of a white surface with the words real colors
DIY: Watercolors + paper plates are all you need for this adorable craft!
a person working on an art project with colored blocks and paintbrushes in front of them
Collagraph Printmaking with Kids Using Wooden Blocks
two children looking at a wall made out of legos
Make an Awesome Recycled Materials Art Wall
Using recycled materials, kids create a giant assemblage structure that they paint with colors they mixed themselves. A beautiful process art experience!
Kids Art Class
Collagraph Printmaking with Kids Using Wooden Blocks
many different images of cats with flowers on them, all made out of colored paper
Laurel Burch Cat Art Project | Deep Space Sparkle
Laurel Burch Cat Project