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two men in suits standing next to each other with the caption why netflix is about to lose a lot of shows
Why Netflix Is About To Lose A Lot Of Shows
As the streaming wars have heated up, and new content providers have made themselves known, Netflix has started to lose the lineup of network classics that served it so well for so long. Now, as NBCUniversal has finally given a name to its own proprietary service, the company has unveiled a lot of programming from its library that it will be reclaiming.
the poster for netflix's upcoming series, 8 new netflix horror movies that are just in time for halloween
8 New Netflix Horror Movies That Are Just In Time For Halloween
As anyone who practices the fine holiday of Halloween would tell you, part of getting it right comes down to having a lineup of seasonal films ready at a moment's notice. While there are definitely some classics that always help to make the season fright, there's always the thrill of jumping into a random film, hoping to find a new favorite.
an image of a cartoon character sitting in front of a fire place with the caption, 10 fantastic originals coming to netflix
10 Fantastic Originals Coming To Netflix September 2019
Some people treat September as the month that gets in the way of October and Halloween, but Earth, Wind & Fire wrote a song about it for a reason. Not because Netflix has a ton of solid content on the way for the month, of course, but if someone in the band retroactively decided that was the case, it would be accurate.
the movie poster for 5 will smith movies worth streaming right now on netflix and beyond
5 Will Smith Movies Worth Streaming Right Now On Netflix And Beyond
Will Smith, now 50, has been a household name for about 30 years now. But he just had his highest-grossing film ever in 2019 with Aladdin. That Disney remake is coming to Digital on August 27. Before you consider buying his blue genie magic, you can stream several other Will Smith movies right now on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and other platforms.
a man in a hat talking on a cell phone with the caption queen tarafino and netflix one frequent collaboration says it's highly possible
Quentin Tarantino And Netflix? One Frequent Collaborator Says It’s ‘Highly Possible’
Quentin Tarantino has always said he’d make 10 films. He looks to be a man of his word too, slapping “9th film” on the posters for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood just to make his fans sweat. While he’s discussed a possible “loophole” in his rule with his proposed Star Trek movie, the filmmaker’s moviemaking days seem to be coming to an end.
a man and woman standing next to each other with the words how will ozark end?
How Will Ozark End? Showrunner Is Preparing For Netflix Series Finale
If you are wondering how Ozark will end, then know that the showrunner is already preparing the series finale of the Netflix series. Fans are currently awaiting the crime drama’s third season. The second installment arrived in August of last year. Ahead of Season 3’s release, Ozark’s showrunner, Chris Mundy, has shared where things stand on the show’s ending.
a man with the words 10 great movies coming to netflix in august 2019 read more
10 Great Movies Coming To Netflix In August 2019
We have the full picture of what’s coming to Netflix in the month of August, and the listing has quite a few surprising additions. Some are perfect intros for current and upcoming projects that are active in the entertainment world at the moment, while others are just fun reminders of movies that we might not have watched in some time.
a man with a top hat and moustache on his face, standing in front of a crowd
Netflix New Releases: Movies And TV Shows Coming To Netflix Streaming In August 2019
August is a month that for some signals the end of summer, while for others is just that eighth month in a series of 12 that brings its fair share of surprises and triumphs. No matter which bucket you fall into, if you're a Netflix subscriber, it all leads to excitement! Another slate of new and original programming that samples from legacy titles, popular series, and homegrown content is about to dawn, and the promise it brings with it is undeniably entertaining to lay ones eyes on.
a man with long hair wearing armor and standing in front of a cloudy sky, text reads spoil alert henry cavill did all his own stunts for new netflix show the witch
Spoiler Alert: Henry Cavill Did All His Own Stunts For New Netflix Show The Witcher
Henry Cavill isn’t a man who does things in half measures. The actor’s new series, The Witcher, was so important to him he hounded down the showrunner before the show even had a full script to throw his name into the hat. He also trained, trained, and trained some more for the role.
the poster for whoa, netflix just lost a record amount in one day?
Whoa, Netflix Just Lost A Record Amount In One Day
In one day, Netflix dropped $17 billion in value. That's almost the entire value of CBS (just over $19 billion). Netflix is still worth around $142 billion, but that $17B drop on Thursday was the biggest single-day drop ever for the streamer. Why now? Well, you probably heard the news on Wednesday about Netflix's disappointing Q2 results. The streamer reported only 2.7 million new subscribers in the second quarter of 2019, which was about 2.5 million fewer than expected.
the poster for netflix's new series, strange things season 3 features a pretty specific science error
Stranger Things Season 3 Features A Pretty Specific Science Error
Stranger Things has been packed with monsters and superpowers from the very beginning, so most fans presumably aren't going in expecting it to be a documentary on the science community in the 1980s. Still, the show has used some real-life science (or at least real theories) to ground some of its... well, strange things. After watching the third season, though, scientists caught a pretty specific error in the show's presentation of quantum physics.
a man standing in front of fireworks with the words strange things 3, 9 key points to
Stranger Things 3: 9 Key Points To Remember From Season 2
Stranger Things hasn't aired any new episodes since way back in October 2017, and fans waited a long time into the post-Season 2 hiatus before getting a good look at Season 3 to guess what would happen next after that killer Mind Flayer cliffhanger and all the other craziness that went down.
the movie poster for 10 underrated netflix movies you really need to see
10 Underrated Netflix Movies You Really Need To See
It used to be that Netflix would put out a movie or two every so often in order to entice viewers to sample some of their original streaming wares. But now, we’re in a full-blown content frenzy, with the company dropping new movies and shows pretty much every week of the month.
the poster for netflix's upcoming series, that will keep viewers hooked in july
11 Netflix Originals That Will Keep Viewers Hooked In July
Ladies and gentlemen, we've reached what may be Netflix's biggest month of 2019: July. After a long wait, Stranger Things Season 3 is finally on the way, and the Fourth of July is about to be lit for reasons other than fireworks!
There's a wide, wonderful world of streaming out there and sometimes it helps to have a tour guide! I'm always looking for new titles to stream, and I hope you are too so we can recommend them to each other.  Each week I plan to toss out some new TV series and movies (probably more TV than film) with an emphasis on lesser-known titles. Series And Movies, New Tv Series, New Tv, New Stuff, Wonderful World, Emphasis, Tour Guide, Wonders Of The World, I Hope You
3%, Occupied, Harlots, and Other Streaming Recommendations
There's a wide, wonderful world of streaming out there and sometimes it helps to have a tour guide! I'm always looking for new titles to stream, and I hope you are too so we can recommend them to each other. Each week I plan to toss out some new TV series and movies (probably more TV than film) with an emphasis on lesser-known titles.