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a baby is laying down on the cover of a book with names in front of it
*Cutest* Baby Boy Names with Nicknames (Unique & Uncommon)
Searching for cool names for boys in an endless sea of baby names? *This* is the ultimate baby names list of full of new, uncommon boy names with meaning and popularity - that you haven't seen on a baby name list yet! (Seriously unusual baby names/modern baby names for boys that I'm loving for 2024)
the ultimate list of gender neutral names for men and women, with text overlaiding them
85+ Unique Gender Neutral Names (That You Didn't Realize Are Cool Right Now)
Searching for cute baby names, but don't love all the frou-frou options out there? These super cool 'boy names for a girl' are actually FLYING up the baby name charts - and I bet you didn't even realize! Save these gender neutral baby names to your list of baby names *today*!
an old timey names poster with a baby sitting on it's stomach and the name
235+ Best Traditional Yet Unique Baby Names
Love old timey names for babies? These traditional baby names have all stood the test of time and are ready for a COMEBACK in 2024. (I bet there's more than a few of these cute vintage boy names you haven't heard before!)
the country boy names poster with cowboy hats on it's back, and an image of
265+ Cute Rustic Baby Names for Boys (2024)
a poster with the names of some people in front of water and sky at sunset
105+ Baby Girl Middle Names I'm Obsessed With
the vintage boy names are displayed in this poster
The *Essential* List of Vintage Boy Names (Modern Baby Names with an Old Fashioned Feel)
Pre baby discussions with my partner: 

Topics we actually discussed: 
baby monitors
breast pumps
car seats
packing a hospital bag
announcing the baby 
newborn photogtapher 
where the baby will sleep

Topics I wish we discussed 
How we deal with sleep deprivation 
Role of grandparents and boundaries
sharing night wakings & feedings 
mental health checks for us both 
non-working down time 
building a support system 
my partners role in daily routine Parents, 1st Month Of Pregnancy, Pregnancy Care, Parenting, Pregnancy Timeline, First Pregnancy, Baby Planning, Pregnancy Months, Pregnancy Guide
Conversations to have with your partner before your baby arrives
a winnie the pooh birthday cake is decorated with greenery and an inscription that reads, you are loved more than you will ever know
Hand painted decoration