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a bird sitting on top of a metal hook with a quote above it that reads,'no entrar ou sair de unavidda, feche a porta comporta con amo
a person's hand holding a butterfly with the caption in spanish on it
Quem dera ter asas feito as borboletas pra pousar em suas mãos como quem diz: Eu vim te visitar!
Wisdom, Flores, Print
a heart with water splashing out of it and the words, se cora fosse
Se coração fosse transparente... Ninguém enganava a gente. Ivânia D. Farias
Amor, Pins, Bom Dia, Sandra
Musicals, Music, Vida, Boa, Costura, Fotos
a woman in a field with red flowers and a quote on it that says,
a woman with flowers in her hair and a quote on the side that says, voce pode saber o que disse
the back of a woman's white dress with words written in spanish on it
❤❤❤ Feliz, Linda, Heart Ring, Auto
a coffee cup filled with white liquid and some people on top of it, floating in the air
a woman sitting on top of a rock in the air with her arms around her body