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Be cringe
an image of someones love letter to her boyfriend on instagram, with the caption's in english
an image of some texts on the screen
30 Times Entitled Customers Left Ridiculously Absurd Reviews For Not Getting Their Way
an image of a website page with many different things on the page and it's name
Wait...This Is Wholesome
an open book with the text they got what most people miss they are richer than most of us for that reason
a black and white photo with a quote on it that says, the strength of my soul was born on the backs of moments that brought me to my knees
The Strength Of My Soul
The strength of my soul
an image of two pomegranates with the words do not worry about your contradictions - perspone is both floral maiden and queen of death you, too, can be both
Sunday Post — February 17, 2019 - howling libraries
a text message that reads, cylkops follow humans don't do anything for free somewhere out there is a guy who spent days if not
the poem is written in black and white