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National Geographic
The tiny meteorites slammed into Earth about 2.7 billion years ago and captured clues to the planet’s early atmosphere.
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This Distant Blue Galaxy Contains The Least Amount of Heavy Elements Ever Detected
Astronomers have discovered something unusual about a small blue galaxy located about 30 million light-years away from Earth, and the findings could offer a great opportunity to learn more about conditions in the Universe at the time of the Big...
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We Could Be On The Brink Of Discovering Something Extraordinary At The Large Hadron Collider
The aim of science is to describe as best as we can the natural world around us. Hypotheses are formulated, tested, and when successful turned into theories. The theories then continue to be tested and challenged. The process doesn't stop. We push them to their limits and sometimes we can go beyond them. And we might be lucky enough to see this very soon.
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Three Earth-like planets discovered orbiting dwarf star | CNN
For the first time, researchers have discovered three potentially habitable, Earth-like worlds orbiting an ultracool dwarf star 40 light-years away.
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Astronomers Might Have Finally Detected Where Mysterious, Extragalactic Neutrinos Are Coming From
Just over three years ago, physicists working in Antarctica announced they'd detected the first evidence of mysterious subatomic particles, known as neutrinos , coming from outside our galaxy. It was a huge moment for astrophysics , but since then,...
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Aliens Are Silent Because They're Dead, Says New Study
New research into how life might have evolved elsewhere in the Universe has thrown up a rather depressing possibility - we haven’t found any aliens yet because they’re probably already dead. The hypothesis is based on what we know about the first...
an artist's rendering of the planet urn, with clouds and stars around it
The Sun Might Have Consumed a 'Super-Earth' in Our Solar System
While scientists are frantically trying to track down the hypothetical Planet Nine that's thought to be making its unusual orbit around the Sun , there's a chance our Solar System could have once played host to an equally intriguing and mysterious...
an artist's impression of a star in the middle of space with stars around it
Astronomers Have Discovered The First Star With an Almost Pure Oxygen Atmosphere
Scientists have identified a new kind of star that up until this point had only been considered hypothetically: an ancient sun that has lived so long, its outermost layer is now composed almost entirely of pure oxygen. When relatively small stars –...
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Scientists Discover Molecular Oxygen on a Comet For The First Time
A halo of oxygen molecules has been found on the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, and the researchers behind the discovery aren’t quite sure why it’s there. But there’s a good chance the oxygen was present before or during the formation of the...
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New Candidate Particles For Dark Matter Are So Dense They Are Almost Miniature Black Holes
Dark matter comprises up to five-sixths of the total matter in the universe, binding much of it together. Despite its commonality, the physical nature of dark matter, as of 2016, remains elusive, with its dramatic effects only indirectly seen.
the night sky is filled with stars and bright lights
Astronomers say they’ve found the biggest structure in the universe and they named it the BOSS
The BOSS is big. Really big. Yuuuuuge. It's an immense complex comprising more than 800 galaxies and weighing 10,000 times as much as the Milky Way.
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For nine years, astronomers have been trying to pinpoint the origins of mysterious radio flashes which erupt briefly and violently in the faraway Universe.
an image of a black hole in the sky that appears to be ringed with light
A Five-Dimensional Black Hole Could 'Break' General Relativity, Say Physicists
If you thought regular black holes were about as weird and mysterious as space gets, think again, because for the first time, physicists have successfully simulated what would happen to black holes in a five-dimensional world, and the way they...
an artist's rendering of the planet and its companion star
Is This The Largest Rocky Exoplanet That We've Ever Found?
What is the upper limit on how large a rocky planet can be? This is a contentious area in astronomy. Generally, it’s thought that above about 1.6 times the radius of Earth, a planet will become a gas giant. Anything below this is a super-Earth, and smaller still are the terrestrial planets the size of Earth, Mars, and so on.