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Портрет, девушка, чб, черно-белая фотография
Не смотри мне в след
the reflection of someone's hands in a mirror
Fairy Grindmother: Photo
people are sitting on the subway train and looking at their phones
benjamin godard catch me if you dare
a woman is holding a glass with something in it
Unusual nudes and strange, glittering fashion photography from Arnaud Lajeunie
a black and white photo of a woman wrapped up in a blanket next to an easel
The best of LiveJournal's Vintage Photographs
there are many black cats walking down the street and one is saying, so you're not superstitious? we'll see about that
Strange, Fun, Lovely, Peculiar, and Entirely Random
a person is hiding behind a tree in the woods
I Started Photographing Swedish Nature As A Therapy After I Injured My Back, Now It's My Passion
an image of a human body being suspended from a ceiling light fixture in the shape of a man
Jodi Colella: Societal change through fiber -