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the front cover of a book with text that reads,'fotheringhay church '
Fotheringhay church
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Cicely Neville Duchess of York "the rose of Raby"
Cecily Neville: The mother of Edward IV and Richard III; she was known for her unbending pride
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Thomas St. Leger - Wikipedia
Anne of York, Richard III older sister and her husband Thomas St. Leger
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Humphrey Stafford
Humphrey Stafford, Duke of Buckingham and his wife, Lady Anne Neville were Lancastrians. Lady Anne was sister to Cecily. When Cecily was under house arrest, she was placed in the care of her sister.
a diagram showing the different types of people's names and their meanings in each language
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The following chart is a family tree of the Dukes of Norfolk, who were members of the Plantagenet, Mowbray and Howard families. It shows how every Duke of Norfolk was a descendant of King Edward I of England. Note: Edward II was the issue of Edward I's first marriage to Eleanor of Castile, (1241-1290), not of his second marriage to Marguerite of France.
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Richard III and Anne Neville’s Joint Coronation
On Sunday, the 6th of July 1483 Richard III and Anne Neville were jointly crowned at Westminster Palace. His brother’s heir, Edward V had been placed in the Tower for his own protection along with …