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Teach students the eight Types of Nouns with this anchor chart. Essential vocabulary. Warm, muted colors create a welcoming feeling & promote prolonged engagement. Options: 8.5x11,” 11x14”. 17x22” (22x28cm, 28x36cm, 43x59cm), and black & white download. Charts are available in Canada, in the US, and from international educational distributors. Related ESL posters are Noun Functions and Noun Suffixes.


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Fractions Basics Perfecta Template


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Math Games

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durer magic square | Math Forum: Alejandre: Albrecht Dürer's Magic Square
MEDIAN Don Steward mathematics teaching: directed number magic squares

Magic squares

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fun ways to teach division to beginners
Math Tutorials - Long Division✨📚 Follow our youtube...


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Math Activities


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We have just begun 2 digit addition and subtraction and my-oh-my we need our practice!  I created a simple subtraction spinner game for the students to practice using place value to subtract two digit numbers. I created it specifically WITHOUT regrouping. I did this because we have just introduced this concept andddd… that is the …


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Math- Grade 2 Second graders tend to struggle with word math problems. They confused with all the words mixed with numbers. This worksheet will help them practice. Add To Change Unknown Problems:
The Adding 3-Digit Plus 3-Digit Numbers on a Grid (A) math worksheet from the Addition Worksheet page at
The 2-Digit Plus/Minus 2-Digit Addition and Subtraction with SOME Regrouping (A) Math Worksheet


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Complete Canadian Curriculum Gr.1(Rev): 9781771490290: Books - Learning, Handwriting Practice, Worksheets For Kids, Grade 1, Instruction, Russian Alphabet
Complete Canadian Curriculum 1 (Revised & Updated): A Grade 1 integrated workbook covering Math, English, Social Studies, and Science
Complete Canadian Curriculum Gr.1(Rev): 9781771490290: Books -
Russian Alphabet: Consonants - Learn Russian Step By Step Learn Russian Alphabet, Alphabet, Handwriting, Alphabet Tracing, Alphabet Poster, Learn Russian, Language
Trace & Learn Handwriting Russian Alphabet: Russian Alphabet Tracing 0B5
Russian Alphabet: Consonants - Learn Russian Step By Step
First Grade Maths, Play, Pre K, Maths Centres, Ten Frames, Math Numbers, Addition Kindergarten, Math Centers
Grade Level Worksheets | A Wellspring of Worksheets
Веселая математика! | OK.RU Math Challenge, 2nd Grade Math, Basic Math, Math Work, Maths Puzzles, 2nd Grade Math Worksheets, Math Addition Worksheets
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Веселая математика! | OK.RU
Circle the Smaller 2 Digit Number Math Worksheet - Twisty Noodle Number Worksheets, Number Worksheets Kindergarten, Ukg Maths Worksheets Number Name, Letter Worksheets Kindergarten, Numbers Kindergarten, Addition Worksheets, Cvc Words Kindergarten, Numbers Preschool
Circle the Smaller 2 Digit Number Math Worksheet
Circle the Smaller 2 Digit Number Math Worksheet - Twisty Noodle
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Addition Coloring Worksheet, Math Coloring, Free Addition Worksheets, First Grade Math, Math Worksheet
Free Color Addition Worksheet
Math Riddles, Math Methods
Math crossword puzzles Addition and substaction up to 10
Kids Math Worksheets, 1st Grade Math Worksheets