Dog Ownership

All aspects of owning a dog from bringing home a beautiful puppy, tips on dog welfare and behaviour and to saying your final farewell to an elderly dog.
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a woman sitting on top of a grass covered hill next to a dog with the words, 3 super simple canine life enrichment tips
3 Super Simple Canine Life Enrichment Tips
Welfare and enrichment are twinned - click the pin to learn more. #canineenrichment #dogmom #doglife #happydog #dogwelfare
a brown dog sitting on top of a white floor next to a green sign that says, the dog bark decoded what is my dog saying?
What Is My Dog Saying? Decoding Dog Barks - CPC Cares Blog
What Is My Dog Saying? Decoding Dog Barks - CPC Cares Blog #dogs #doghealth #puppy
a brown dog sitting in the passenger seat of a car
How to Choose A Car That Is Right for Your Pet Dog
What should you consider when choosing a car suitable for transporting your dog?
a black and white dalmatian dog with its paw up in the air
Please don’t overlook deaf dogs this deaf dog awareness week
This week is deaf dog awareness week. If you are thinking of adopting a deaf dog these tips will help you care for him or her.
a stone that says in loving memory chucky on it surrounded by rocks and grass
Create an Engraved Pet Tribute with the Rustic Stone Pet Memorial
Engraved Rustic Stone Garden Pet Memorial | CPC Cares
three red vases with gold trim and paw prints on the sides, one has a heart
The Pink Paw Print Urn is a beautiful container for your pet's ashes
The Pink Paw Print #Urn is a beautiful container for your #pet's ashes
a gold fish shaped plaque with the words labrador and forever loved and missed
a woman walking her dog on a leash with the words charity fears a surge in unwanted dogs
Charity fears a surge in unwanted dogs
We recently reported that the demand for puppies has increased significantly during the lockdown. Now that we can see a light at the end of the tunnel and people are returning to work and normality. However, there are fears that there will be a flood of unwanted dogs at animal shelters
a white dog sitting on top of a carpet covered floor
Steps on how to stop your dog chewing your furniture
Have you ever walked into your home to discover that your beloved pet has destroyed another piece of furniture? Take a deep breath. Before you think of giving your pet away, know that inappropriate chewing can be stopped.
a black and silver candle holder with paw prints
Account Temporary On Hold
Create a lasting #memorial to your pet and keep their ashes safe in our Candleholder Keepsake for #Pet's #Ashes in Anthracite Grey or Brown
a dog getting his nails trimmed by a woman with the caption how to get your dog used to having their nails trimmed
How to trim your dogs nails
Most dogs hate nail trimming, it’s one of the most common struggles owners have with their dogs is getting them to hold still when it’s time to cut their nails. Many dogs wriggle, whine or even snap when they are getting their nails trimmed. Why is nail trimming so difficult for our dogs? Is it necessary? How can we get them to tolerate it?
an info sheet describing the different types of aircrafts that are flying in the sky
Measuring your pet's quality of life can help with decision making
Quality of Life HHHHHMM Scale How can you tell when the time is right to euthanase your pet? Using the QoL measure may help in making the decision to put your pet to sleep.
a woman walking her dog on a leash with the caption what if your pet passes in the care of another?
What happens to your pet if they pass away in a Kennel or Cattery?
What happens to your pet should they pass away while in a Kennel or Cattery? So you’re off on holiday. You’ve got your neighbour to keep an eye on the house, to pop-in to water the plants, collect the post and your cat or dog is in a kennel or cattery.If you can't take your pet with you, there’s just one question that comes to mind that pet owners don’t consider when leaving their pet...What happens to your pet should they fall ill or pass away while you’re away?