Craft Business Ideas

Lots of craft business ideas. Smart ways to develop your creative business so you can build a business that works with your own strengths and resources, and meets your unique expectations for success.
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an orange and white calculator with the words handmade product pricing calculator
Craft Price Calculator
Use this free online handmade product pricing calculator to learn how much you need to charge to break even, sell wholesale, and sell to retail customers.
three price tags hanging from strings with the words how to price your crafts for profits
How to Price Crafts for Profit
How to price crafts effectively to maximize profit.
a hand holding money with the words how to make more money at craft fairs and on etsy
Profitable Crafts - How to Price Handmade Items for Higher Profits
Sell more profitable crafts. Simple ways to boost the perceived value of your handmade items and sell your crafts for higher profits.
three price tags with the words how to price your crafts for profits
How to Price Crafts for Profit
Hoe to price your handmade items for craft shows or your Etsy shop.
three knitted blankets stacked on top of each other with text overlay that reads, 2012 craft trends to sell
Trending Crafts That Sell Well
Let your creativity shine AND make money! Learn about the trending craft designs of 2024. Click now!
several balls of yarn sitting in a bowl with the words, high demand crafts to sell in
Trending Crafts That Sell Well
High demand crafts to sell in 2023.
christmas gifts and presents with the words, 22 christmas shopping trends for craft business owners
Holiday Shopping Trends for 2022
2022 Christmas shopping trends for craft business owners. Use these 8 customer behavior insights to sell more this holiday season.
a plaid blanket with red berries and pine cones on it is featured in the cover of christmas
2022 Christmas Trends to Sell on Etsy
Christmas trends for 2022. Hot color, fashion, and decor trends for the 2022/23 holiday season.
an image of a booth with clothes on display and text that reads, simple craft show set up 8 easy steps to design your craft booth booth
Craft Show Set Up Ideas - Easy 8 Step Guide to Create a Great Display
Craft show setup made simple! Use these 8 easy steps to design your own craft booth.
Craft Trends to Sell in 2022
15 new craft trends to make and sell in 2022. Predict the crafts that will sell well in the upcoming year.
the cover of crafts that sell in 2020 is shown with paper, scissors and other crafting supplies
Crafts That Sell Well (in 2024)
Artist's painting supplies. Text - Crafts that sell in 2022.
a red box with white ribbon and the words how to sell christmas crafts in 2021
Christmas Shopping Trends for 2020
How to sell Christmas crafts in 2021. Retail shopping trends report for handmade business owners.
2021 Christmas Trends
2021 Christmas trends for craft business owners. Learn what's trending on Etsy, so you can sell more crafts this holiday season.
two white vases sitting next to each other on a pink background with the words photo backdrop ideas for crafts
Product Photography Backgrounds
Creative photo backdrop ideas for crafts. Easy backgrounds you can make your self and affordable backdrops you can buy to style your product photography. #productphotography #craftprofessional