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Inspiration for crafts to sell. Use these easy DIY ideas and make crafts to sell on Etsy. Get creative with these handmade popular craft projects. #crafts…
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an advertisement for the acrylic menu board
Clear acrylic menu board - laser cut and engraved
Laser cut and engraved acrylic menu board. Step by step tutorial for using a CO2 laser to work with clear acrylic. Plus a design file to create your own.
a close up of a toaster oven with green light
xTool S1
A fully enclosed laser cutter and engraver that might be perfect for your small business.
an old record player with the text make custom acrylic jewelry with the x - tool p2
Laser cut acrylic
Learn how to make custom acrylic jewelry and items you can sell using the xTool P2.
two tone leather earrings with wooden triangles on them and the words circuit jewelry ideas written in gold
Cricut Jewelry Ideas
Create custom pieces of Cricut jewelry using any Cricut machine. Create earrings, pins and more with wood, metal, and leather.
an orange and white pair of scissors next to some writing on a piece of paper that says, how to engrave with cricut
Make a Metal Bracelet with the Cricut Engraving Tool
Use the Cricut engraving tool with a Maker to create custom cuff bracelets and other metal jewelry.
christmas ornament made with dollar store supplies is featured in this postcard collage
Dollar Store Twine Ornament
DIY Christmas Ornaments made with Dollar Store supplies - DIY Dollar Store Christmas Decor
an ornament hanging from a christmas tree with the words dollar store twine ornaments
Dollar Store Twine Ornament
Make a simple dollar store star twine ornament. Make a dollar store farmhouse ornament using a few simple supplies. Create neutral Christmas decor for your home. #christmas #ornament #diy #farmhouse
a living room with a chair, fireplace and pictures on the wall in it's corner
Make a Throw with Chunky Tassels with a Throw and Yarn
Save money and make a throw with chunky tassels with an old throw and yarn. This throw looks just like the throws in the stores.
the cutting board is being used to make laser engraving
Custom engraved cutting board
Learn how to make a custom engraved cutting board at home using a laser engraver.
the top ten items to make and sell on etsy, including woven baskets with handles
10 Items to Make and Sell on Etsy
Get the list of product ideas to help jump start your etsy shop. #etsy #smallbusiness #craftideas
the beginner's guide to stamping metal jewelry with scissors and other tools
Metal Stamping for Beginners
Learn how to easily create jewelry using this guide to metal stamping. Perfect for beginners, learn what tools you need and how to get crisp letters and images. #metalstamping #jewelry #craft #stamp
a glass bowl filled with popcorn next to a paper bag that says mermaid popcorn and flavor bags
How to Make Mermaid Popcorn and Mermaid Favor Bags
How to Make Mermaid Popcorn and Mermaid Favor Bags
the ultimate diy ideas for summer made with dollar store supplies, including wreaths and flowers
Dollar Tree Place Mat Clutch Purse
Dollar Tree Place Mat Clutch Purse. A cheap alternative to a cute summer bag.
a paper butterfly wreath is shown with the words ombre on it and an image of butterflies
Ombre Paper Butterfly Wreath
Ombre Paper Butterfly Wreath. This colorful wreath will spice up your front door.
step by step instructions to make origami bookmarks for kids and adults
How to Fold an Origami Corner Bookmark
How to Fold an Origami Corner Bookmark