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several sumo wrestlers are laying on the ground
Watching Morning Sumo Exercise in Osaka - VisitKansai
sumo wrestler in red and white wrestling stance with the words sumo everything you need to know before you go
Your Ultimate Guide to a Grand Sumo Tournament in Japan
an old photo of a man in a long coat and top hat holding a cane
“Fat Men Dance,” Brooklyn Daily Eagle (1890)
a sumo wrestler standing in front of a gray background with words written on his chest
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Konishiki Yasokichi is a Hawaiian-born Japanese–Samoan former sumo wrestler. He was the first non-Japanese-born wrestler to reach ōzeki, the second highest rank in the sport.
a woman doing a yoga pose in an empty room with one leg up on the floor
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These Leggings are Cute!! Fit to Thrive: Lizzy Howell – Dia&Co