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an animated image of some people in different poses with swords and armor, on a green background
YATAGARASU sample 'Shimo' by Styleos on DeviantArt
YATAGARASU sample 'Shimo' by Styleos
the concept art for an animated movie character, including several different poses and expressions to be used
Stylised Body types , Tom Stockwell
ArtStation - Stylised Body types , Tom Stockwell
the chinese characters are drawn in different styles and sizes, including letters that appear to be written
The Secret of Kells (2009) - Secondary Characters: Monks
hand gestures set on purple background
Premium Vector | Hand gestures set in different positions isolated
the basic instructions for how to draw hands
How I Draw Hands
I received an email this morning from Doug down in South Africa. He asked if I could give him a lesson on how to construct “Dennis Jones” hands. That reminded me of a job I did a few ye…
an image of cartoon hand gestures with caption that reads, they're coming to get you barbara
Barbara: Character Concepts
Illustrator: Rogie Custodio #characterdesign #hands #character #chara #design #art #concept