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cooked shrimp with sauce in a glass bowl
Heta räkor i chili och vitlök
there are many small pastries on the plate
Smördegssnurror med västerbottensost
small cookies with frosting and sprigs on top
Canapéer med mousse på rökt lax - Vinklubben Tre Kronor
small desserts are arranged on a white platter and ready to be eaten for consumption
Julaftonsmorgon :)
some food that is sitting on top of a metal tray with sauce in it's middle
Fyllda gratinerade krustader - Jennys Matblogg
some food is in a white bowl on a green mat
Pizzabullar- Mjuka och goda - Zeinas Kitchen
Pizzabullar- Mjuka och goda - Zeinas Kitchen
many different types of food in paper cups on a table
Pizzabullar- Mjuka och goda - Zeinas Kitchen
a white plate topped with cucumber covered in shrimp and lemon slices next to tomatoes
an overhead view of some food on a plate
Små rackarns goda tilltugg!
small appetizers with toothpicks and sauces on a glass platter
Plockmat till sommarkvällen!