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a green poster with the words on it
2 dokument för att hjälpa dig att nå dina mål | Mer struktur
an activity book for children with pictures of teddy bears and other things to do on the page
7 Situationsbilder för nedladdning – Bamse
a poster with different languages and numbers for children's hair salons, including the names
Affisch med barnkonventionens viktigaste artiklar
a white board with writing on it in front of a refrigerator door that has magnets attached to it
Lektionsplanering - lässtrategier
a poster with different types of items in black and white, including an image of the contents
Affischer & Posters | Shoppa 20-70% rabatt
an image of children's coloring pages with cartoon characters on them, including teddy bears and
7 Situationsbilder för nedladdning – Bamse
an image of some type of writing with pictures and words in the bottom right corner
an image of winnie the pooh and piglet book pages with numbers on them
7 Situationsbilder för nedladdning – Bamse
an image of a city with traffic signs
Trafik – Bamse
an illustrated map shows the different stages of life in which people are living and working
Historia och Religion år 4
four trash cans labeled with different types of garbage
a diagram showing the different parts of a hand that is holding a piece of paper
Från brott till straff
an info board with different types of buildings and their names in english, german and german
Start - Exploro
a crossword puzzle game with items to help children learn how to read the words
Miljö – Bamse
an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts and how they are used to fly
Orsak och verkan
an image of sorting and sorting items with the words sortra skipp on it
Miljö – Bamse
a stone with the word rhyprt on it and an image of a crown
Runskrift2016 Ammi Arbetshäfte
a poster with two people talking to each other and one has speech bubbles above it
Lagar, regler och normer
a poster with various signs and symbols about the different types of people walking, biking, and riding
Bamseteman – Bamse
two people standing in front of a large rock with the word flyttblock on it
Istiden för år 2-3