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two people hugging each other with their arms around them
larray & nick
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a young man with tattoos standing in front of seagulls and the words 1989 written on it
1989 (nick’s version)
a pink silhouette of a man's head
barbie nic 🩷
a collage of many different people and pictures
nicolas antonio sturniolo 🌼 #nicksturniolo #sturniolo #sturniolotriplets #nicolassturniolo #aesthetic #collage #fyp #shuffle #moodboard
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a young man sitting in the passenger seat of a car looking at something off camera
nick sturniolo
a person standing next to a tree with the words, we need more nick girls
a man with long hair looking at the camera and texting how do people still not know
sturniolo triplet’s whisper
a young man is screaming while holding his head
black and white photo collage of young men making funny faces with their mouths open
Nick PhotoBooth pics 🩶👣🕶️🕷️
sturniolo triplets Betty Boop, Half, Fame
nick sturniolo ★