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the doll is wearing a blue outfit with white shirt and boots on it's feet
68040-1998 Stylin' Looks
68040-1998 Stylin' Looks
a doll's clothes and accessories are laid out on a white surface, including a book
Barbie Outfit American Airlines Stewardess 1962
a doll's clothes and accessories are displayed on a carded package for dolls
Vintage Barbie Doll Ken & Allan Morning Workout Fashion NRFB Sealed Mattel 1963 | eBay
a barbie doll with clothes and shoes in a pink box
the barbie doll is in its packaging
the doll is wearing pink and orange clothes
1992 Skipper MAGIC TALK CLUB FASHIONS #2191 2235 Barbie Mattel Doll Outfit Vtg | eBay
Nails Barbie, Totally Hair Barbie, Mannequin Display, Bodysuit And Skirt, Pink Bodysuit, Green Jumpsuit, Hair Fashion
Mattel Vintage 1991 Barbie Totally Hair Fashion Clothing Collectible Set of 4 | eBay