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an orange couch sitting next to a table in front of a window with curtains behind it
Jackie Bar — Helsinki, Finland
Jackie Bar, Helsinki, Finland | The segmented tan leather sofa running the length of one wall and greyhound-brown curtains are Laajisto’s sole concessions to decadence in this austere, yet inviting space that is part boutique hotel lobby, part mid-century Milanese bar #helsinki #finland #helsinkibars
Restaurant Brasserie Martin Nouvelle Garde Aménagé par FOR ME LAB
Aménagement Brasserie Martin - FOR ME LAB
tables and chairs are set up with wine barrels as centerpieces
Wine Barrels: Add Charm To Your Wedding Venue
a restaurant with tables and chairs in front of two posters on the wall above them
Best Ways To Decorate Your Dining Room Like French Bistro
French Bistro Dining Room: the Ultimate Inspiration Guide | Decoholic
several wooden crates filled with bottles of wine
a row of couches and tables in a room
Playa - London | Cocktail Bar Interior Design | B3 Designers
several bottles of wine are lined up on the wall in front of a chalkboard
AZ Wine Merchants
several different types of cheeses and meats on a table with wine bottles in the background
a bunch of wine glasses hanging from a rack in a room with other items on it
a woman sitting at a table reading a newspaper in front of a wall full of wine bottles
The best wine bars in Italy