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four different images of an open book
Landscapes carved on books!
Landscapes carved on books!
three different views of an open book on a shelf
Amazing skull made with books
four books stacked on top of each other in different positions, with the covers folded down
Amazing landscapes carved into books
an image of some art work on the floor in different stages of being made with acrylic paint
Amazing, completely amazing.
a man walking across a snow covered field next to a giant alien skeleton in the sky
Random Ghost: Photo
Undead Giant concept art by Christian Bravery aka The Brave. #undead #illustration #conceptart Guessing this is what the giant skeletons in icecrown look like.
an animal made out of yarn on top of a white platform in front of a wall
Artist Creates Beautiful Sculptures From Shards Of Glass | OhGizmo!
Artist Creates Beautiful Sculptures From Shards Of Glass | OhGizmo!out of glass,
an exhibit with white cloth draped over it
The Ghost Clock
The Ghost Clock
three pictures with wires attached to the wall above them and below each one, there is an electronic device
Nintendo Controller Art - Gaming
Nintendo Controller Art
a woman holding an umbrella standing on a bridge in the rain with words above her
After the Rain - The Design Inspiration
a robot playing the guitar in the rain
Prove your humanity
a happy robot playing guitar to a cat in the rain
an image of children with creepy faces in the background, surrounded by dolls and toys
I'm not made of success
James Jean