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several different types of personal care products displayed on a white background, including hand sanitizers and body washes
Start - AAACCC
Grazette, Package design
the logo for grazette swedish beauty since 1974 is shown in blue on a white background
Start - AAACCC
Grazette, Logotype (branding, visuel identity, graphic design, package design)
Film i Väst / Analysis. (desig concept, art direction) Concept Art, Art, Films, Film Funding, Analysis, Streaming, Concept, Film
Film i Väst / Analysis. (desig concept, art direction)
a person's feet with socks and sneakers on
Prospero, promotion/givaway (X-mas card/gift)
a book cover with mussels and clams in the foreground text reads var tidar nu
Grenadine Förlag, Vår tid är nu – cookbook 2 (concept/idea, text, recipies, art direction, design, photo, marketing)
some type of brochure that is yellow and white with black lettering on it
Alexén Avehall Advisory, Self promotion (idea, text, visual identity, design)
four different logos for hydro energy, the heat from beneath and the heat from beneath
Hydroc Energy, visual identity
a red envelope with a white paper attached to it next to an electric cord on a wooden table
Prospero, x-mas card 2023 (visual manual, communication strategy, graphic design, branding, positioning, film, web, identity, concept, tagline, re-design)
the word sorry written in black ink on a white background
Sashay logotype (graphic design, interior design, brand strategy, visuals)
the soundtrack of our lives logo with black and white text on a white background
The Soundtrack of Our Lives, logotype (albumcovers, graphic design, etc)
two blue chairs sitting next to each other in front of a wall with posters on it
Alexén Avehall Advisory, Summer Poster 2023 (idea, visual identity, design, naming, campaign...)
an old book cover with different types of seeds
The Bowlines, Seeds
The Bowlines, Album cover (visual identity, graphic design)
the words prospe ro on a red background
Prospero, visual id
an assortment of brochures sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
Egnahemsbolaget/Edisen, 10 000 Egna Hem – Berättelsen om Egnahemsbolaget 1933–2022 – Book (book design, book cover, art direction, graphic design, typography) 2022.
a green neon sign sitting next to a window with the word appart on it
Apart Uppsala, logotype, visual identity