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vintage inspired christmas decor is featured in this collage
Nostalgic Vintage Inspired Christmas Decor
These Vintage Inspired Christmas Decorations are full of nostalgic charm! Modern reproductions are a great way to get that vintage Christmas look for less! Reminds me of my childhood and Grandma's house at the holidays!
a living room filled with furniture and christmas trees
Modern Vintage Holiday Living Room Tour - The Leslie Style
Modern Vintage Holiday Living Room Tour
How to add ribbon to your tree!
I like to layer 2 pieces together with the wider 1 on back. I start at the top, push the ribbons to the back of the branch, take a stem tip and twist it over the top of the ribbon to hold it in place. Then pull the ribbon to make a curve going down the tree and repeat the holding in place process. Do this until the bottom and then cut your ribbon in a V for a nice finished look!