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two people are floating in the water while holding onto some strings that have been attached to them
a man and woman hugging each other in front of a pink background
Xaden Riorson and Violet Sorrengail from Fourth Wing by @rebeccayarros 💙 (This is not a scene from the book) . 🌶️Full NSFW version can be f… | Instagram
an anime character with black hair and a crown on his head, surrounded by other characters
the four main characters in folklore
The Folk of the Air series by Holly Black #thecruelprince #cruelprince #cardangreenbriar #judeduarte #folkoftheair #cardanandjude #books #bookaesthetic #bookish
an image of a man holding a drink in his hands and wearing a crown on top of his head
"Cardan Greenbriar Card Design" Metal Print for Sale by ElenanaArt
a woman holding a knife in her hand next to a man wearing a white shirt
Jude and Cardan - The Cruel Prince
🎨: roslynn.7
an image of a man and woman that are in the middle of a comic strip
Kai and Paedyn | Powerless Fanart by Bruna Garret Art
Support my art by following me on IG @brunagarretart Fanart of the book “Powerless” written by Lauren Roberts. Artwork done by @brunagarretart. #powerless #bookfanart #bookillustration #fanart #powerlessbook #paedynandkai
two women hugging each other in front of a dark background with stars and sparkles
Juliette & Aaron - Shatter Me
Artist: eclipvze_art
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a tree with leaves
Paedyn & Kai
Paedyn Gray & Kai Azer from the book Powerless by Lauren Roberts. Yay! I did the illustration myself :) Check out my Instagram!
a man in a suit and tie with blood all over his face, holding a clipboard
Aaron Warner - Shatter Me series
Aaron Warner from Shatter me series by Tahereh Mafi
a man holding a black dog in his right hand and the words aaron warmer on it
Aaron Warner - Shatter Me series with the stray dog
Aaron Warner from shatter me book series by tahereh mafi with the stray dog juliette ferrars sees him petting