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a small brown dog sitting on top of a bed next to a rainbow wallpaper
Snuggles is a Pomeranian puppy for sale in Fredericksburg, OH
What a Little fluff ball it is so fun to watch her run around ,how cute can she be. Snuggles is a sweet and quiet little cuddle bug. She is so much fun. Snuggles has had her vet check and has started her vaccinations as well as been microchipped. She will come with a health guarantee and also a small bag of Tuffys puppy food. We do welcome visitors to our home or we can also set up delivery if needed(just ask for details). Mama Daisy weighs 15lbs Daddy Fritz weighs 11 lbs
a small brown dog laying on top of a pink blanket
Bunny is a Pomeranian puppy for sale in Leon, WV
Bunny is a very sweet and loving girl. She has a gentle personality. She loves to be petted and talked baby talk to. She is going to be a larger pom. I think she will look like an apricot or peach-colored fox! We are in West Virginia and do not believe shipping is safe. Please tell us about your experience with pets, poms, and about your household. Thank you!
a small dog standing on top of a lush green field
Rylie is a Pomeranian puppy for sale in Auburn, AL
Rylie CKC 7lbs Lavender Merle carrying tan point, possibly sable and parti. This girl does have an underbite. Not sure if it's from being bottle raised or what. Both parents have correct bites and have not produced an offbite. It does not affect her at all. Rylie was bottle raised and has been a little sheltered. She is weary of other people and will take a little while to get used to a new home. She is a very sweet, quiet girl and she does love to cuddle. She does well with other dogs and
a small white dog standing on top of a wooden floor next to a blue object
Dodo is a Pomeranian puppy for sale in Woodbridge, VA
A very smart and clingy dog. I have no time to take care of it due to personal reasons. I hope it can find a new home.
a small black and white dog sitting on top of a red bed cover next to a couch
Coco is a Pomeranian puppy for sale in St. Petersburg, FL
Amazing pure bread Pomeranian Puppy girl born March 23, 2024. She is a cute and astounding puppy, who loves to play with others and her toys. She loves hugs and all kinds of love. Compassionate towards other dogs and loves to express her courageous wonder. Raised in our home with dogs and socialized for a loving home. Beautiful black and white color. She is uses a pee pad also eats soft and homemade food. Thick double coat developing. She is charting to weigh around 7-10Ibs. Mom is 12lb, dad 7
Seasons greetings from Chewie! Credit: IG @hi_im_chewie
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