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the four basic stitches to level up cross stitch are shown in different colors and sizes
5 Ways to Deal with a Single Cross Stitch [with Video]
someone is stitching on a cross - stitch project with the words learn to cross - stitch without a hoop
📍🧵 No Hoop, No Problem: 7 Tips for 'In-Hand' Cross Stitching 🎉
🧵 Discover the freedom of hoopless cross stitching with these 7 expert tips! Perfect your 'in-hand' technique; it's much easier than you might think! From managing excess fabric, through tension balancing to tips for neat finishes, we've got it all covered! Ready for a new stitching adventure? Let’s thread the needle together! 🌟
someone is working on a cross stitch project with the words 9 pro tips for cross - stitch beginners
9 Pro Tips for Cross-Stitch Beginners to Set You Up for Success
someone is holding a tiny horse with a needle in it's mouth and the words, 10 hints and tips to make you a professional cross stitcher
15 Cross Stitch Hints And Tips for Beginners
a person ironing clothes with the words washing your cross stitch when and why to wash
Washing your Cross Stitch: When and Why to Wash
a hand is stitching on the back of a cross - stitch project with text overlay
How to easily finish very short thread ends in cross stitch
a hand is holding scissors and thread with the words how to finish off tiny thread ends
How to Secure Tiny Embroidery Floss Ends for Cross Stitch
Have you ever managed to eke out those last few cross stitches with a piece of thread...but then have no idea how to finish off the tiny end of thread that is left? Good news...there is a really easy trick to run that little bit of floss under some stitches to secure it. Watch the video to see how simple it is!
how to frame your cross - stitch unicorn in 7 easy steps with pictures and instructions
How to Frame Your Small Cross Stitch Design in 7 Easy Steps - Hannah Hand Makes
In this post, I am going to share 7 easy steps on how to frame your cross stitch. I share the materials you need to frame and photos of the 7 steps to frame your small cross stitch project. I also share 2 methods of framing; both are pretty quick and easy. But they are for smaller projects; larger projects have an added step which I will be sharing in a future blog post so hang tight for that. #crossstitch #diycrafts