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a bathroom with tiled walls and flooring in the shower area, along with two planters
two pictures of a washer and dryer in a bathroom with wood paneling
an outdoor living area with potted plants on the steps and furniture in the background
a woman standing in a kitchen preparing food on top of a wooden counter next to an open glass door
a wooden table sitting in front of a window next to a chair and vase with flowers on it
a chair sitting on top of a black and white checkered floor next to a doorway
a room with a checkered floor and a large mirror on the wall next to it
hallway | not mine | tiktok: _laurahome
We recently got the keys to the brand new Style Curator studio. Part of moving into this studio means creating a large work desk. This DIY created an earthy, minimalist aesthetic. This floating table has two travertine pillar legs that support it. Find this full workplace desk DIY by clicking on the pin! Home Office Decor, Modern Office Furniture, Home Office Setup, Table, Studio Desk, Office Decor
DIY travertine table: Making an earthy desk for the new Style Curator studio
a pink house with an open patio and dining table in the front yard, surrounded by trees
Nej tak! tænkte søstrene, da de så det slidte sommerhus med tobakstræ på væggene og gulvtæpper. Godt de ombestemte sig!
a bathroom with a checkered floor and large window in the corner, along with a tub
a wooden table with plates and glasses on it in front of large windows overlooking the water
a dining room table with flowers and magazines on it