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a cross made out of sheet music sits in front of a door decorated with an old book page
Paper Christmas Decorations - Christmas Celebrations
The holiday season always brings out the generous spirits and creative sides of everybody. Children and adults alike look forward to this time of the [...]
there is a red plate with a flower on it and the words dish flowers the best way to attach the plates to the post
Pros and Cons of Various Support Systems for Making Dish Flower Garden Art
two origami flowers sitting on top of a wooden table
Book Page Kusudama Sphere
Origami flowers made with 5 pieces of paper this is where I started...an easy craft!
a paper flower made out of books on a wooden table
Wall hanging craft ideas new || paper craft || Wallmate || Paper Wallmate || paper wall hangings ||
the instructions to make an origami rose out of newspaper strips and yarns
Paper Flower Tutorial: Storybook Paper Roses
Paper Flower Tutorial: Storybook Paper Roses – Smile Mercantile Craft Co.
a vase filled with lots of paper flowers
7 Floral DIYs That Will Transform Your Dorm Room - Society19 UK
an origami flower made out of money with the words easy money flower on it
EASY Money FLOWER out of 7 dollar bills | I like it! | Origami Tutorial DIY (NProkuda)
two pieces of folded paper sitting on top of each other
Book Page Blooms Tutorial
KnitYoga: Book Page Blooms Tutorial
Its simple, everyone can try it 😊😊
a person holding a book page origami flower on top of a wooden table
DIY Book Craft: Elegant Book Page Flower - Maya Smart
some crafting supplies are laying out on a table next to an open book and scissors
38 DIY Garlands - The Inspired Room
four pieces of paper cut out to look like shamrocks on a black table top
Book Art: Crafting Paper Roses - Linda K Sienkiewicz