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three bottles of juice with different flavors
many different types of food are laid out on the wall
the brochure is designed to look like it has fruit and vegetables on it
three bags of food sitting on top of a pink table next to a bag of granola
Новости: Анна Луканина — о мировых трендах в дизайне упаковки (по мотивам премии Pentawards)
pentawards 2015 winners, Частная марка Ica - Gott liv (агентство Designkontoret Silver)
several bags of food are stacked on top of each other in front of white background
äpple/kanel och chili ica - Google Search
some vegetables are laying out on a table
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Press images - Album on Imgur, ICA, Gott Liv, Grönhydrater, Jung Relations
the packaging design is designed to look like candy
ICA Gott Liv | A new pattern food for a healthy lifestyle.
three bags of different types of vegetables on a white background, with the same price label
ICA Gott liv
an assortment of frozen food items displayed on a wall with the award for best product
Pentawards 2024 - Home page
an image of some food items in different colors and sizes, including brochures
ICA Gott Liv colorful packaging branding via Designkontoret Silver curated by Packaging Diva PD. Who wants to go shopping at IGA now?
three bags of food sitting on top of a pink table next to a bag of granola
Pentawards 2024 - Home page
Silver Pentaward 2015 – Food – Designkontoret Silver