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three milk cartons sitting on top of a wooden table next to eachother
「 08 COFFEE の はじまり 」です : 泣いた“なまはげ”の天気読み
a poster for the yugo pop concert in germany, with an image of a mouse
Studio Moire, Poster for Balkankaravan at Moods, 2012
the words osterreich are black and white
Aleksandar Todorović
Not the typical typography that I like, but I find this logo to be very interesting. Type by Aleksandar Todorović.
a sign that is hanging on the wall
Hand-painted and signed grocery poster by John Downer
John Downer
the word semi nice in pink on a black background
aesthetic astrology | Tumblr
Semi problematic Semi contradictive Semi automatic
the ingredients for this recipe include eggs, peas, and other vegetables to be eaten
claire cottrell
"The book itself looks less like a cookbook than an exhibition catalog. The pages are tastefully spare, the images stark. There are full-page portraits of regular customers with the clothes and expressions that real people wear. It feels raw and...
a sign that says cranberry sauce 21 can on the side of a white wall
RESERVED for Egrahamc | Etsy
grocery sign
the words, oh ok but are in white and brown on a pink background with black letters
Betype - Typography & Lettering Inspiration
Betype - Typography & Lettering Inspiration
the logo for sefya is shown in blue and white letters that read sefya