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a metal rack holding various items on it's sides and hanging from the wall
UHeart Organizing: Wrap It Up!
IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: Wrap It Up!
there are many jars that have different lids on each one, and the same jar is labeled turn these jars into glass jars
Tinted glass tutorial, pretty amazing how this works. Great for flowers or just to add a bit of color to a room.
a woman is standing in front of a toilet with the words diy on it
Learn How Easy it is to make this DIY off the shoulder top |
three ice cream containers sitting on top of a wooden table next to a dining room table
Pyssel och Inspiration
Pyssel och Inspiration: Förvaring av yoghurt hinkar
a glass jar filled with milk sitting on top of a table next to a black background
Homemade Mod Podge Recipes - Painted Furniture Ideas
Homemade Mod Podge.
an unfinished window in the wall with tools hanging from it's sides and some wood framing
Fold-up Garage Worktable
DIY: How To Build A Fold-Up Garage Work Table.
a glass jar filled with blue liquid on top of a purple table cloth next to a white teapot
Julia Weber: Homemade Wood Stains
Homemade wood stains --> pennies soaked in vinegar for a week make gorgeous ocean blue stain
the words water bottle wind spirals are shown
DIY Water Bottle Wind Spirals | Monkey Makes | Crafts For Kids
Water Bottle Wind Spirals | Play
a roll of toilet paper sitting on top of a brown and white table cloth next to a lamp
Custom Fabric-Covered Lampshade
How to recover lampshades, using fabrics. This is one of the best tutorials on this Ive seen.
someone is pouring something into a bottle in the sink
How to cut a bottle using household items!
Diy: Easy Way To Cut Glass Bottles • Recyclart