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there are many different items on the table and in front of them is a candle
Floral Hippie blanket with sun and moon and planets, psychedelic  Woven Throw Blanket - TheCoolRuler Boho Throws, Hippie Aesthetic, Spiritual Room Decor, Boho Throw Blanket, Woven Throw, Couch Throws, Woven Throw Blanket, Woven, Throw Blanket
Hippie Space Magic Woven Throw Blanket - 50x60 inch
two pillows with the words smile every day and out seja seka on them
Que Sera Sera and Smile Every Day Set of 2 Decorative Pillows (18x18), White, Americanflat(Polyester, Graphic Print)
a black and white pillow with the words punch today in the face printed on it
Punch Today In The Face Statement Cushion - Poly Linen Cushion 60 x 60 cm With Cushion Insert
a pillow that is sitting on top of a table next to a cup of coffee