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a painting of a woman sitting in a kitchen
Цагараев Максим - Обыкновенное утро
an old woman sitting in a chair holding something
Thomas Waterman Wood (American artist, 1823–1903) 'Threading a Needle'
black and white photograph of people walking in the rain
Пауль Андреас-Вебер. «Слух». 1953. Литография
a flock of birds standing on top of a snow covered ground next to a sheep
Шенк Август Фридрих Альбрехт(1828–1901) "Страдание"
a close up of a tiger's face on a black background
Кристина Пенеску (Cristina Penescu)
a painting of an angel and a man with his hands in his pockets, holding the head of another person
Симон Зилот х\м автор Константин Коробов
a painting of a lighthouse on top of a hill by the ocean with steps leading up to it
Художник Michael Humphries
an old painting of people and animals in a grassy area with buildings behind them on a sunny day
Василий Поленов (1844 - 1927)
a painting of two people standing in front of a house with trees and bushes around it
Василий Поленов (1844 - 1927)
a painting of a thatched roof cottage
Иветта Матизяк (Yvette Matysiak)
a painting of a cat sitting on a window sill surrounded by flowers and plants
Художник Galina Egorenkova
a painting of a china cabinet with sunflowers
Художник Galina Egorenkova