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the door is open in this dark room
GHOST CAUGHT ON TAPE Says My Name Haunted Lizzie Borden House Ghost EVP #01-- Mass Most Haunted Ghost Videos + Paranormal Web-Series -- By: Phillip Brunelle
an image of a page from a book about the history of harry potter and how he wrote it
graveyard ghost
an old photo of a bed with white sheets and pillows on the headboard,
Lincoln Bedroom
Young Willie Lincoln (age 11) died in the White House in the bed now in the Lincoln Bedroom at about 5:00 P.M. on February 20, 1862. Both Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight D. Eisenhower claimed they felt the powerful presence of Abraham Lincoln in this room. Eleanor Roosevelt said, "Sometimes when I worked at my desk late at night I'd get a feeling that someone was standing behind me. I'd have to turn around and look." Rumors were that Winston Churchill had a Lincoln sighting in the room.
a black and white photo with a red circle in the middle, next to two framed pictures
By TAPS (the ghost hunters, syfy)
an image of many different colored lines in the same color and size as well as text
an old black and white photo of a woman
The true story behind the Mayo Hall haunting
The true story behind the Mayo Hall haunting
a black and white photo of marilyn monroe
Dead Famous - Paranormal Series S01E03 - Marilyn Monroe
Dead Famous - Paranormal Series S01E03 - Marilyn Monroe
the poster for haunted chatanooga, which is featured in front of a large building
It is the home of one of the most famous railways in American history, the site of a historically vital trade route along the Tennessee River and the gateway to the Deep South. Chattanooga has a storied past—a past that still lives through the spirits that haunt the city. Whether it is the ghost of the Delta Queen, the porter who forever roams the grounds of the historic Terminal Station or the restless souls that haunt from beneath the city, the specter of Chattanooga’s past is everywhere.
an old black and white photo of a man with a beard wearing a suit and hat
Ghostbuster Abe Lincoln
An extremely rare photograph of President Abraham Lincoln taken during his brief yet memorable stint as a paranormal investigator and eliminator circa 1864.~ how cool is that??
an old photo of two people sitting in chairs and one person standing behind the chair
In pictures: Scotland's spookiest ghost caught on film
Brokenhearted Lady Catherine: Is this the image of a teenager who haunts the corridors of a 800-year-old Dalhousie Castle in Midlothian? Lad...
a group of people standing next to each other in a room with walls and floors
Best Ghost Pictures: 2013, 2014
Lincoln Memorial Ghost
a grave in the grass with flowers on it
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When I downloaded the pictures, this little devil showed up! There was a cat that followed us all around. This picture was taken with a Nikon coolpic camera. | Staff comments: Fascinating image and quite alarming! We also see what appears to be a head coming out the right side of the headstone.
a long hallway with two lamps on either side of the door and an exit way to another room
Ghost Caught On Camera!
Ghosts Caught in Pictures | Ghost Caught On Camera!
blurry photograph of two people on a bed in a room with bunkbeds
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Ghosts caught on film! What in the world is THAT?
a black and white photo of some trees in the middle of a yard with rocks on the ground
I too saw a man very very similar to this at my house coming toward me in the hallway! He was very translucent but more from the face hands and feet. Here was clearly wearing kaki pants and a white short sleeve shirt. I was told that our subdivision use to be an orange grove over 50 yrs back. Maybe the man is lost as they say in mid level of life and death. Who knows!!
the reflection of a woman standing in an open window on a house's front porch
Ghost of a child taken at Myrtles Plantation by Darlene May
a blurry photo of a woman's face in black and white
How to Wow the Judges in Halloween Costume Contests
SCHOOL GIRL GHOST! Christine Hamlett took this picture at the Four Crosses pub in Staffordshire, England. Hamlett is a psychic and said, "the child will not stop until her message is heard." According to the article, "The Four Crosses, built in 1636, is well-known by locals for its ghoul guests. It has been said that staff and visitors have been spooked by the sound of smashing glasses, mysterious footsteps and children crying."
a man and woman are dancing at a party
Wedding Ghost
WEDDING GHOST! A ghost appeared in a wedding reception photo taken in Gloucestershire, UK. The ghost picture was taken by a young boy, a wedding guest, who saw the image afterward while scanning through the images on a computer. The 12 year old, Jordan Martin, was surprised to capture something so weird while at a wedding.
the wall is dirty and has stains on it
BADなネットビジネス詐欺や副業詐欺から救うダークヒーロー|令和副業時代のBADな副業詐欺に注意!副業やネットビジネスの「不安」を一撃解決【口コミ&評判から副業検証】 – 副業BADMAN
Len's Ghosts on the Stairway.
a mirror is in the middle of a room with a red circle on it's side
Myrtles Plantation.
Creepy Mystery, Strange, Occult, Eerie
a large boat traveling on top of the ocean
The Haunted History of the Delta Queen
The Delta Queen, Tennessee: Mary Becker Greene was the first woman ever licensed to pilot a steamboat in America. She moved aboard the Delta Queen after it was purchased by her son, and she spent the last years of her life there. She died aboard the Delta Queen on April 22, 1949, and is said to still walk the halls of the great steamboat.
an old black and white photo of a house being built in the early 1900's
American Ghosts and Hauntings: Ghosts of Thornewood Castle – Lakewood Area of Tacoma, Washington
Thornewood Castle under construction in 1910. It would later be feature in the Stephen King film Rose Red. In real life, the ghost of the former owner of the stately mansion is said to walk the grounds to this day.
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place under a chandelier on top of a wooden table
26 Possible Ghost Photograph in the Parlor of Magnolia Hall - Natchez, Mississippi
Possible Ghost Photograph in the Parlor of Magnolia Hall - Natchez, Mississippi This is a POSSIBLE picture of a ghost. Look up at the portrait to the right of the mantel, and you will see what appears to be water damage on the wall. However, this is not damage to the wall, but rather a picture of something that is going on IN FRONT of the mirror, because if you look in the mirror, YOU WILL SEE A REFLECTION OF IT!
an old photo of a woman in a dress
What a simply amazing photo. It really is fascinating on how things have changed since this time period. I love the history behind all of these photos and the extra special attention and effort that was made to cherish a loved one.
an old black and white photo of five people sitting at a table in front of a window
A séance
William Hope Seance picture
an old photo of children dressed in fancy clothing
16 Vintage Photos Guaranteed To Creep You Out
A Victorian post-mortem photo. | 16 Vintage Photos Guaranteed To Creep You Out
an old black and white photo of a man walking up some stairs with his hand on the railing
Yesterday, upon the stair I saw a man, who wasn't there...
the headstone of julia catanene, who was buried at st mary's cemetery
Louiza Catharine Fox (1855-1869) - Find a Grave...
Louiza Catharine Fox. Note: murdered in 1869 by her ex fiancé Thomas D. Carr. her epitaph mentions her murder. Which was the first in Kirkwood Township. Her murderer was the first person executed in Belmont county Ohio. She has sometimes been seen crying near her grave. Salem Cemetery, Hendryburg, Ohio
a young boy sitting on top of a bed next to a green light in the dark
Ghost Photo of Nanna Is there proof that some children can see spirits invisible to adults? The story behind this photo comes dang close! Read the full story on the ghost photo's detail page.
an old wooden fence with a grave in the middle surrounded by grass and mountains behind it
His grave is located about five hundred yards outside the cemetery on top of the hill to the south of the cemetery. The restless ghost of gun toting Frank Watkins is said to have haunted the Riverside Cemetery for the last ninety five years because the town folks wouldn’t let him be buried in the cemetery.
an old concrete tunnel in the woods with stairs leading up to it's entrance
The Haunted Hospital
The death tunnel at Waverly Hills Sanitarium, this is where they took the dead bodies out of the facility
three women in dresses standing next to each other with flowers on their heads and hands
True Hauntings of America
True Hauntings of America: Ghost Pictures
a group of men sitting at a table with beer bottles in front of them and an orange circle around the man's head
Drinkin' with the Boys
True Hauntings of America: Ghost Pictures
a woman laying on top of a bed covered in white sheets
Little Girl From Poltergeist Movies 1,2,and 3 Heather O'Rouke died at age 12 just a few months before the final movie was released. Her older sister in movie died in real life too. Many believe the movies were cursed due to the real skeletons found digging pool scene and used during those scenes due to the real ones being free and cheaper than skeleton props and caskets would be to buy for props. So yes the caskets and skeletons were REAL. Hence the deaths and mishaps that happened left n right
a blurry photo of rocks and trees in the woods with a red square frame
gettysburg ghost pictures | Devils Den
a very tall building with many windows on it's sides and cars parked in front
Hotel MacDonald in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is haunted by an unusual ghostly presence. A phantom horse and carriage runs along the top floor regularly and no one can figure out why.