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a quilted wall hanging with a house and trees in the foreground, on purple background
Solitude #2 by Valya
an image of a child with a cat and dog in front of a small house
Salley Mavor, "Wee Willie Winkie" (From Pockeful of Posies), mixed media fabric relief, 16 x 16 inches (2010)
a figurine is standing in front of a brick wall with a crown on it
2nd edition – SALLEY MAVOR
two figurines are sitting on top of a castle made out of felts
Salley Mavor's book illustrations
a close up of a boat on the water with buildings and a life preserver
Bed Book peek – Holland (part 3)
a table topped with lots of different colored pieces of fabric and thread on top of it
Bed Book peek – Holland (part 3)
a close up of a piece of art with flowers and plants
Bed Book peek: Holland (part 2)
a hand is holding a miniature house made out of felt and fabric with buttons on the front
a painting of a house and some flowers
'A little cottage on Moss Hill Lane' by Louise O'Hara of DrawntoStitch