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Кашпо из бетона
Как-то был запрос, как сделать большое бетонное кашпо. Хочу представить вам один из вариантов изготовления ☝️ #кашпо #lexie404k #шедеврально
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Large Sphere with Amazing effect by Alcohol Ink
Today, we will let the alcohol inks dance in the large sphere mold to see how it uses its power to turn the resin into a stunning artwork. We are amazed by its magical power. Do you like this idea?
a room with flowers hanging from the ceiling and on the floor, all falling down
a chandelier filled with red roses hanging from it's sides in front of a dining room table
My inner landscape
My inner landscape
In my local mall, I thought it was so beautiful
😯es fantástico
a white sculpture sitting on top of a wooden stand in front of a blue background
Glass Sculpture by K. William LeQuie | Stampede: Curated
four tall white vases sitting on top of a wooden floor
Vessna Perunovich of Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Weekly Artist Fibre Interviews | Fibre Art | International | Canadian | World of Threads Festival | Contemporary Fiber Art Craft Textiles | Oakville Ontario Canada ****
white feathers are arranged on sticks in front of a gray wall
three white sculptures hanging from strings in a room
Frederike Schürenkämper - SchmuckKunst
a wooden frame with a heart cut out of it
Картины из морского стекла (подборка)
two pictures of some wood with rocks on it and one is made out of driftwood
Treibholz Treibholz fe-ma-design, Kammlach, Treibholzkunst, holzkugeln, Drechs…