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an old painting of a woman wearing a black and white dress with a blue brooch
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a painting of a woman with pearls and a necklace
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many orange and white fish in the water
they both die at the end
Rococo, Rococo Art, Victorian Art, Old Art, Classical Art, Fine Art, Art Gallery
Dressed To Frill
Always Dream
Always Dream
a white flower with green leaves on a gray and grey background is seen in this antique photo
All things bright and beautiful....
a statue of a man holding a woman in his lap and kissing her cheek with both hands
Beautiful Bizarre Magazine
a close up of a person holding a shell with pearls in its palm and two hands
Peace and Love
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an old clock face with roman numerals and numbers on the dial, indicating that it is 5 o'clock
An entry from Chimney Smoke
a statue with the words being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage
Beatriche Bonné: фото