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A backview of a pair of round gold metal Eco Caraway Optical frames with a matching clip-on in a tortoise color. Metal, Unisex, Optical Frames, Optical Glasses, Eyewear, Eyeglasses, Optical, Eco Conscious, Eco
Eco Caraway Optical Glasses | Gold
Elevate your style while still being eco-conscious with Caraway's unisex optical frame. Fusing fashion and sustainability together, these aviator-shaped frames are made from 95% recycled metal, allowing you to make a statement everywhere you go. So don't be a trend setter, be a trend maker with Caraway!
A set of cat-eye Eco metal Vervine Optical frames in a Berry/ Rose Golden color and the matching sunglasses clip-on in a Berry color beneath. Rose Gold, Cat Eye Frames, Eye Frames, Recycled Metal
Eco Vervine Optical Glasses | Berry/Rose Gold
Upgrade & refresh your look with Vervine's eco-friendly eyewear! Our cat-eye frames, crafted out of 95% recycled metal, are designed to make you feel stylish & chic. Why settle for anything but the best?
A set of Eco cat-eye acetate Senna Optical frames in a Lavender Tort Gradient color and the matching sunglasses clip-on in the same color beside them. Tops, Design, Lavender, Stylish
Eco Senna Optical Glasses | Lavender Tort Gradient
Make a statement that's as unique as you are with Senna - the perfect eyewear for women who won't settle for anything less than fashionable and sustainable. These biobased frames have a stylish, modern design with flat tops and optional clip-ons to customize your look.
A pair of two round metal Eco Kala sunglasses, the top one has a Rose colored rim and pink to black gradient lenses, the bottom one has a black rim and black lenses. Polarized Sunglasses, Sunglasses Online, Polarized, Black Gold, Rose Gold Sunglasses
Eco Kala sunglasses | Rose Gold & Black
Stand out from the crowd with Kala polarized sunglasses! Our sleek and stylish unisex frames are made from 95% recycled metal. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or something more subtle, Kala sunglasses have you covered. So put on your shades and get ready to shine!
A side front view of a pair of large square acetae Eco Mona optical glasses in a see thorugh Lavender color. Lightweight
Eco Mona Optical Glasses | Lavender
Step up your style with Mona! Mona is an environmentally-friendly, lightweight, and stylish optical frame that works great with any outfit. It has a timeless design and rounded edges for a classic or modern look.
A pair of square Eco Kotor sunglasses in a Navy color laying in top of ocean netting. All In One, Plastic Waste, Plastic, Waste, Waste Reduction, Vibrant
Eco Kotor sunglasses | Navy
Feel amazing and protect the planet with Kotor sunglasses! Our fashionable eyewear is made from recycled ocean plastic, making them both stylish and sustainable. Look good and do good with Kotor – square shape, vibrant colors, and ocean plastic waste reduction all in one.
A closeup of the square acetate Eco Granite optical glasses in a brown blue tortoise color. Men's Optical, Men's, Brown
Eco Granite Optical Glasses | Brown Blue Tort
Looking to upgrade your style with a timeless staple? Granite's men's optical frame offers a modern, lightweight design that is both stylish and comfortable. Make a statement with Granite - the perfect combination of fashion and function.
A pair of square acetate Eco Jacinth sunglasses with a sand colored rim and dark brown lenses. Lenses, 3d, Polarized Lenses, Rays, Turn Ons
Eco Jacinth sunglasses | Sand
Look cool, feel cool— Jacinth sunglasses are here to turn heads! With a 3D layered effect on the rim and polarized lenses, you'll look stylish while keeping the sun's rays away. Get ready to see the world in a whole new way with Jacinth sunglasses!
A set of rounded metal Eco Chia optical frame in a lavender color and a matching clip-on with a lavender color rim and black sunglasses lenses. Light, Eco Friendly
Eco Chia Optical Glasses | Lavender
See the world in a new light with Chia's beautiful round optical frames. Crafted from 95% recycled metal, these eco-friendly frames are stylish and sustainable, you'll soon love seeing the world through Chia's lenses!
A pair of square shaped Eco Balsa sunglasses. You have a top view of the left one in a Rust color and a front view on the right one in a Blue color. The are both on top of pinto beans. Outdoors, Protection
Eco Balsa Sunglasses | Rust & Blue
Get ready to enjoy the outdoors in style! Our sustainable sunglasses Balsa are made from Biobased material and have polarized lenses. From hiking trails to sandy beaches, these sunglasses are sure to meet all your sustainability and eye-protection needs – while keeping you looking fashionable!
A set of two square shaped metal Eco Caraway optical glasses. The top one is in a Black and Gold color while the bottom one is in a Green color. Trend Setter
Eco Caraway Optical Glasses | Black/Gold & Green
Elevate your style while still being eco-conscious with Caraway's unisex optical frame. Fusing fashion and sustainability together, these aviator-shaped frames are made from 95% recycled metal, allowing you to make a statement everywhere you go. So don't be a trend setter, be a trend maker with Caraway!
A closeup of the cat-eyed acetate Eco Crystal optical glasses in a dark see trough Pink color. Crystals, Crystal, Dark Pink, Best Wear
Eco Crystal Optical Glasses | Dark Pink
Make a stylish statement with Crystal: lightweight, comfortable Bio Acetate frames that are perfect for any occasion. Look and feel your best wearing this chic cat-eyed optical frame!
A pair of square acetate Eco Bauxite optical glasses with a see trough grey color. Facial, Enhancement, Touch
Eco Bauxite Optical Glasses | Grey
Look your best with Bauxite. A luxurious frame made out of Bio Acetate, designed to enhance and highlight your facial features. Its large square shape adds a modern touch and bold look to every outfit. Get noticed with Bauxite and look your absolute best!
A set of cat-eye acetate Eco Cassia optical frame in a Rose color with black edges and the matching clip-on beneath in a matching color. Both are laying on pinto beans. Womens Fashion, Fashion, Women
Eco Cassia Optical Glasses | Rose
Get the best of both style and sustainability with Cassia! Our eco-friendly frames are perfect for the conscious yet fashionable woman. Don't settle for less - complete your look with matching clip-ons! Get your fashionable sustainable eyewear now and look good while feeling good.
A pair of rounded square shaped Eco Agar optical glasses in a teal color made from recycled ocean plastics. Teal
Eco Agar Optical Glasses | Teal
Complete your look with Agar's stunning, gender-neutral frames crafted from recycled ocean plastic and featuring the traditional Pantos cut. Not only will you look and feel great in their fashionable attire, but also be contributing to a greener planet by minimizing plastic waste in our oceans.