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an apple with a hamburger and french fries in it
Seems Legit
I always thought it'd be nice if fast food places served french-fry sized slices of celery that you dip in ranch, in place of fries... McDonald's did start serving kid's meals with an option for apple fries, at some point... you have to opt for them, though. Here's Burger King's version: (from 2007, dunno what they're doing now.)
a small dog with big eyes sitting on the floor
33 Insanely Funny Pictures That'll Crack You Up During Break
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a cat with a yellow sticker on it's collar
Funny Pictures Of The Day - 37 Pics #funnycat
a cat is sitting on the floor with its paw up in front of it's face
Funny Cats Compilation 2015 || Best Of 2015
That's my story & I'm sticking to it.
there are many movies on the shelf together
Genius or Stupid – theCHIVE
funny animals pictures with captions (56 pict) | Funny Pictures
two women sitting in seats on a bus, one reading a book and the other holding shopping bags
nice 35+ Funniest Memes Which Will Make Your Day Awesome