Grand duchess Olga Nikolaevna Romanov

Born: 15 November 1895 Parents: Nicholas II & Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia Dead: 17 Juli 1918, age 22. Famous for: It was speculated that she would be the future wife for: Carol II of Romania, Alexander I of Juguslavia, Edward VIII of Great Britain and Grand Duke Dmtri Paulovich. But Olga wanted to stay in Russia and remain a Russian. Olga was closest to her sister Tatiana in the family. Who was 18 months younger than her. Her mother referred them as ”The big pair”. Of all Nicholas daughters, Olga stood him nearest. During the first world war she was a red cross nurse. Fun fact: Her favorite book is Les misérables.
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emmy colorizations on Instagram: "Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna, 1913-1915 I think You can read about the marriage of Pavel Petrovich and Maria Feodorovna on my second page: @history.of.the.romanovs Рhoto was colored by me. Please don't remove my profile name if you post them on your site. #GrandDuchessOlga #GrandDuchessTatiana #GrandDuchessMaria #GrandDuchessAnastasia #OTMA #Romanovs #alexeiromanov #MariaFeodorovna #GrandDuchessMarianikolaevna #GrandDuchessAnastasianikolaevna #Romanovsisters
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The last formal portrait of Grand Duchess Olga taken by a British photographer (allegedly)
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