Craft Projects and Ideas

Easy DIY craft project ideas for adults, for teenagers and anyone who loves to craft! Craft tutorials and step by step videos to make craft projects. Find great…
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Best Arts and Crafts Glue Guide
The best arts and crafts glue guide that will make sense of what is the right glue to use. Find out the best craft adhesive to use for paper crafts, mixed media, scrapbooking and art journaling. Grab your freebie printable so you won't forget #crafts #artsandcrafts #einatkessler #craftglue
an image of a book with the title tunnel book instructions
Tunnel Book Instructions
Follow these easy tunnel book instructions to learn how to make a tunnel book the right way. An easy paper craft technique tutorial you'll love #papercraft #papertechnique #papergift #crafts #einatkessler
buttons with the words button craft projects on them in white and red, surrounded by other buttons
Button Craft Projects
Check out these button craft projects that will inspire you to use your button stash. You'll love these button art ideas and designs for your craft projects #buttons #buttoncrafts #craftprojects #DIYcrafts #einatkessler
the words chipboard project ideas are in front of an image of a clock
Chipboard Projects Ideas
Check out these chipboard project ideas. A complete guide to DIY chipboard crafts that will finally haelp you make sense of it all. Start making your chipboard embellishments today #crafts #artandcrafts #einatkessler #diycrafts
Unbelievable Crafting Secrets
Check out these unbelievable crafting secrets. These are the best craft hacks you'll want to know and these craft secrets will definitely make your life easier #crafts #DIYcrafts #einatkessler #artsandcrafts
a dry erase board with the words don't forget to forget it on it
Create Your Own Dry Erase Board
Create your own dry erase board. Watch the video to learn how to transform a simple frame into a DIY dry erase board for writing anything you need #crafts #einatkessler #DIYcrafts #recycledcrafts
paper punch crafts are fun and easy for kids to make with the help of their own hands
Paper Punch Crafts
She has some great ideas for paper punch crafts. Use these DIY craft punches ideas to make your own embellishments for scrapbooking, cards and paper crafts #papercrafts #crafts #punches #scrapbooking #cards #einatkessler
Best Craft Room Makeover
Find out how to make the best craftroom makeover. Re-organize your craft space to an inviting and inspiring place to create. You can complete this craft area makeover in a few easy steps #craftroom #craftspace #craftroomorganization #einatkessler
Tunnel Book Art Lesson
Follow this tunnel book art lesson to master the art of making a DIY tunnel book. Learn the basics of making a tunnel diorama book with circle windows and a steampunk vibe #bookart #tunnelbook #papercrafts #einatkessler
an orange box with the words paper floating frame on it's front and side
Paper Floating Frame
Find out how to make a unique DIY paper floating frame for your favorite photos. Make this one of a king paper photo frame to display your pics #DIYpapercarfts #papercrafts #photoframe #einatkessler
an easy shadow frame is shown with the words easy shadow frame in front of it
Easy Shadow Frame
I just found an easy shadow frame tutorial. I love making paper shadow photo frame and this one is so easy to make you must try it #papercrafts #DIYpaperframe #3Dpaperprojects #DIYphotoframe #einatkessler
Creative Junk Journal Idea
Check out this creative junk journal idea. Follow the video to learn how to make a junk journal book and what can you do with it. Grab your freebie vido tutorial and printable today #junkjournal #papercraft #DIYjournal #einatkessler
a person holding a paper punch art idea with the words, paper punch art ideas
Paper Punch Art Ideas
Check out these creative paper punch art ideas. Learn how to effectively use your craft punches to make DIY craft punch embellishments for cards and scrapbooks
a magazine cover with an image of a woman wearing a hat and sunglasses on top of a giraffe
Magazine Collage Tutorial
Follow this fun and easy magazine collage tutorial to find out how to make a magazine collage from cutout images and how to combine unexpected images to create a scene
an open book with the words junk journal design on it, in orange and black
Junk Journal Design
She has the best junk journal design - it's easy to make. Just follow the video to make this fun junk journal #junkjournal #artjournal #papercrafts #einatkessler