DIY Paper Crafts

DIY paper craft ideas that are easy to make! Easy paper crafting projects and techniques for scrapbooking, card making and 3d paper projects. Find easy and…
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two hands holding an origami butterfly and the words endless card guide full video
Endless Card Guide
I found the best endless card guide. Watch the video to learn how to make a neverending card in an easy technique. This infinity card is so easy to make you'll just love it. Check out this super easy handmade card technique today #DIYcard #carmaking #cards #einatkessler
Easy Paper Flower Tips
Follow these easy flower paper tips to elevate your DIY paper flowers to new heights with a few really easy ideas. #DIYflowers #paperflowers #papercrafts #paperembellishments #einatkessler
Fancy Fold Cards Tutorial
Follow this fancy fold cards tutorial. Make these unique handmade fancy fold greeting cards for any occasion #cards #DIYcards #cardmaking #einatkessler #fancyfoldcard
someone is making a paper gift box out of an origami plane and then it's cut into smaller pieces
5 minute Paper Gift Box
Watch the video to make a 5 minute paper gift box. This easy DIY paper box is so easy to make and you can use it for any purpose #5minutecraft #DIYbox #papercraft #DIYgiftbox #einatkessler
a bunch of cards and envelopes with the words, one fold six fun fold card designs
One Fold Six Fun Fold Card Designs
One fold six fun fold card designs. Check out how you can make different handmade cards with only one fold. These fancy fold cards will definitely be everyone's favorite #cardmaking #cards #fancyfoldcards #einatkessler #handmadecard
paper punch crafts are fun and easy for kids to make with the help of their own hands
Paper Punch Crafts
She has some great ideas for paper punch crafts. Use these DIY craft punches ideas to make your own embellishments for scrapbooking, cards and paper crafts #papercrafts #crafts #punches #scrapbooking #cards #einatkessler
Easy Pop-up Book Art
This easy pop-up book art tutorial is the best I ever saw. Finally I know how to make a complete pop-up book with this fun scenes jumping out of the page. You can learn to make your own DIY pop-up book too
an open book with the title making a junk journal
Making a Junk Journal
Junk journal tutorial with step by step instructions how to make an easy junk journal and how to turn paper scraps into a beautiful junk journal book with a vintage look #junkjournal #bookart #einatkessler #DIYjournal
a boy sitting on a bed with the text how the experts use paper scraps
How the Experts Use Paper Scraps
Check out how the experts use paper scraps. 20+ leftover paper scraps ideas to use on your scrapbook pages, cards and paper projects. Learn how to transform paper scraps into DIY paper embellishments, accents and decorations #scrapbooking #cardmaking #papercrafts #einatkessler
a poster with the words making new paper look old
Making New Paper Look Old
I have learned a new technique of making paper look old. This fun tutorial shows different aging paper ideas that you'll love. Check out how you can age paper and give it a vintage look #crafts #papercrafts #crafttechniques #einatkessler #arttechniques
Paper Scraps DIY Embellishments
Make these paper scraps DIY embellishments instead of throwing your paper scraps. Check out these creative ideas to make DIY scrapbook embellishments for your pages and for cards too #DIYembellishments #scrapbooking #papercrafts #paperscraps #einatkessler
an orange and black book with the title how to make a paper floating frame
How to Make a Paper Floating Frame
How to make a paper floating frame. Watch the video to learn how to make a DIY rotating paper frame for your cherished photos #papercrafts #diypapercraft #crafts #einatkessler #paperart
DIY Faux Leather Paper Technique
I found the best DIY faux leather paper technique. Follow the video to learn how to make faux leather cardstock for any craft you need #crafts #artsandcrafts #DIYcraftsupplies #craftpaper #einatkessler
an advertisement for artistic trading cards with pictures
Aesthetic Artist Trading Cards
Check out how to make aesthetic artist trading cards. Simple artist trading card tutorial to learn what you need to know about making these small art pieces #atc #crafts #artisttradingcards #einatkessler
an image of a book with the title tunnel book instructions
Tunnel Book Instructions
Follow these easy tunnel book instructions to learn how to make a tunnel book the right way. An easy paper craft technique tutorial you'll love #papercraft #papertechnique #papergift #crafts #einatkessler