Motorcycle Part Art by Laurie Shafer

I create tables, clocks, wind chimes, coat racks and much more with recycled and upcycled Harley parts.
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a lamp sitting on top of a metal table
Table lamp, made out of rotors ,muffler and frame inserts.
a clock made out of wood sitting on top of a chair
two metal lamps sitting on top of a table
a wooden bench sitting on top of a lush green field
three yellow and orange paper flowers sitting in front of a brick wall on top of mulch
a room filled with lots of metal items and decor on the walls, including clocks
Part Art
three chrome mirrors on the side of a wooden deck
Motorcycle part wall sconces
They are made from mirrors and air cleaner cover.
four round mirrors sitting on top of a brick sidewalk
Rotors mirrors
a christmas tree made out of metal tubes and other items on a rock with trees in the background
Christmas tree made from springs and seat or saddle bag conch.
a machine that is sitting on top of a piece of paper and some sort of gear
Cool lamp made from an offset sprocket, shock spring and air cleaner cover.
a table that has some kind of metal thing on it's stand next to a parked car
Perfect height for behind the couch! Rotors and rebar.
a metal sculpture sitting on top of a cement ground
a black metal table sitting on top of a wooden deck next to leaves and flowers
three metal sculptures are sitting on a window sill in front of some green grass
a blue piece of yarn sitting on top of a white table cloth next to scissors
16" tall head light ring and push rod snowman,