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a woman dressed in an elaborate costume and headdress, with her arms outstretched
some people are doing something in the air with their hands up and one person is dancing
Punjabi Bhangra dance Namaste, Indonesia, Dance Music
Punjabi Bhangra dance
colorfully dressed dancers perform on stage at an event
a woman in a purple and gold costume is dancing with her hands on her hips
13 Fabulous Costumes From the Rio de Janeiro Carnival
an old building with columns and arches on the front is shown in this photo, it appears to have been painted yellow
Hanoi Opera House – Unique European architecture
Hanoi Opera House is considered to be the most beautiful theater in Southeast Asia, what has made this place receive this honor? Let’s go explore the beauty here. Located at the center of 1 Trang Tien Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi Opera House is a popular place for tourists to visit whenever they have the opportunity to come to the … The post Hanoi Opera House – Unique European architecture appeared first on Go Explore Vietnam.
a large yellow building with two flags on top and people walking in front of it
Hanoi Opera House, Hanoi, Vietnam
a close up of a guitar being held by a person's hand with an intricate design on it
Tanpura - instrumental 5-string
Tanpura Instrumental 5- string Travel Hard Fitted Case tambura, tanpuri Kanai Lal and Sons. Condition is Brand New. This is a wonderfully resonant instrumental tanpura that includes a hard-shell fiberglass case. It can be tuned from A-D#. Many vocalists are finding this tanpura a great travel instrument as it is compact yet still maintains great tone. See the demo video to hear.
an ornately decorated musical instrument with gold trimmings and floral decorations on the body
Tanjore Tāmbūra (male) | Indian | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
an elaborately decorated wooden instrument with pictures on the body and sides, possibly from india
Tambura, South India, 1850 - 1895 | Victoria and Albert Museum
an assortment of musical instruments are displayed on a white surface with one instrument in the foreground
an old musical instrument is sitting on the floor
Sitar | Indian | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
World Music, Sitar Instrument
'Godfather of world music' Indian sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar dies aged 92