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a clock mounted to the side of a wall next to a power cord and plugged in wires
an old fashioned wooden arcade machine hanging on the wall
Plycade for Atari 50
Plycade wall mount, special version for Atari 50 year.
an old - fashioned computer game is displayed on a white wall, with the words ghost'n bobbins above it
1up arcade cabinet by Parergon. at instagram Diy Computer Case, Arcade Bartop, Arcade Table, Retro Arcade Machine
a nintendo wii game system mounted to a wall with a wooden shelf holding it up
Plycade - JodinskyLab - il laboratorio delle idee
Plycade acronym of Plywood and Arcade. The idea behind this project is to give a new design to an object that has always remained the same over the years, the arcade cabinet. I wanted to give a new design but also that it was recognizable in its classic shape. Plycade is constructed with bent plywood to have a minimalist look. Plycade will be available in two versions, one is the full-scale version and the other is the wall-mount version.
an old fashioned camera is sitting on a stand
DATA ACQUISITION CAMERA – 16mm film camera used during the Apollo 12 mission in November 1969, both inside the lunar module and on the surface of the Moon. It was mounted in a window of the lunar module to record the astronauts’ activities on the lunar surface. (Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum)