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Simple Ideas for Worldbuilding Locations
the wizard's hat and other things to include in your fantasy map, as well as their names
More Ideas for Worldbuilding Locations
a black and white resume with the words character profile
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a black and white photo with the words, you are a gummy but sweet person living in a time where robots are
a purple background with the words, a mage warrior and an even archer enter your village and they are looking for you
writing prompt – Page 32 – PROMPTUARIUM
a blue background with the words humans have evoked and their personalities manfest in physical form
Widely feared.
an orange background with black text that says, the dragon went't flying something was terribly wrong
writing prompt – Page 2 – PROMPTUARIUM
a yellow background with black text that reads, tfr's writing prompts number three yes, but last week a dragon almost set my hair on fire, so it's your turn to
TFR’s Friday Prompts
a close up of a piece of paper with a quote on it that reads, dialogue prompt why is there a dragon in my fridge? it was hot
dialogue prompt – Page 3 – PROMPTUARIUM
a gold background with the words have a prompt how are you scared of a spider?
How are you scared?
a blue background with black text that says,'dule, we are not asking the dragon for directions
dialogue prompt – Page 6 – PROMPTUARIUM
a green background with the words dialogue prompt small fire i said to get a small fire this is not small
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