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Stop crying
a cross stitch pattern with the words, yeah well you know that's just like your opinion man
The Big Lebowski - Cross-stitch by QuixoticApricot on DeviantArt
a cross stitch pattern with the words farts are just the creams and if it's okay to put them in there is too
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Farts are Just the Screams of Trapped Poop
a hand holding a cross stitch pattern with words on it that read mawwage, mah - wrangle, non
a cross stitch pattern with the words being able to be something does not equal
a cross stitch pattern with the words, when there is only one set of footprints it is because sound people ride in single file to bide their numbers
Footprints in the Sand -The Star Wars Version
We've all seen those classic cross stitches with the message about there being one set of footprints in the sand because Jesus carried them when things got the hardest. But if you're a geek, you might see a set of single footprints in the sand for a different reason. This cross stitch sampler by Etsy seller stitchnanigans features a touch of that classic cross stitch design you expect with a delightfully nerdy twist....
a cross stitch pattern with the words house rules and an image of a cat on it
House Rules Cross Stitch Pattern
• Pattern for counted cross stitch • Includes key for floss use and fabric suggestions • 136 stitches wide by 98 stitches tall • Does not include fabric or floss Now these are some mighty fine rules to live by! The "House Rules" are "Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Be kind to animals. Be kind to Earth. Be kind of weird. Read a book." Yep, I'd say that sums things up nicely. Whether you stitch it up as a gift, or hang the final version on your own wall, this project is sure to be a favor
there is a cross stitch pattern on the hoop with scissors and knifes in it