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a woman is sleeping in her bed on the window sill looking out at the city
a man standing in the window of a white building with green trim on his windowsill
a room with a chair, table and window overlooking the water from it's bedroom
two women standing in a kitchen preparing food
a white house with blue curtains on the front door and stairs leading up to it
Summer on the west coast
a man standing next to a small tree in a room filled with windows and bricks
Fyra årstider | Bloglovin’
a living room filled with furniture and lots of windows
Sommarparadis på västkusten med drömmig glasveranda och vill ha-inredning
a harbor filled with lots of boats next to a hillside covered in grass and trees
Sweden Roadtrip Day 1 Fjallbacka-30
boats are docked in the water next to red buildings and houses on either side of the river
several boats are docked in the water next to some houses on stilts and buildings
Senaste nyheterna
a table with vases and flowers on it in front of a wallpapered room
Ljuvlig och omsorgsfullt restaurerad 1920-talsvilla i lugna och naturnära Solängen - Stadshem