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a room with a table, potted plants and a clock hanging on the wall
(N o r d i n g å r d e n)
a potted plant sitting on top of a white chair
Sidan finns inte - Hildas
Swedish countrystyle and traditional trellis wallpaper.
the sun shines through two large windows onto a porch with a bench and potted plant
sunroom of my dreams. reminds me of meg's old porch. :)
a white room with pillows and vases on the window sill
13 ideas para armar tu rincón de descanso
13 ideas para armar tu rincón de descanso
two pictures of hanging lanterns in the grass with text overlay that reads diy jute string lantern
Jute String Lanterns
The perfect DIY outdoor decor for summer! All you need is jute string and mason jars!
the shelves are filled with dishes and jars
Rustikk , grønt & fransk
an old kitchen scale is sitting on the counter next to potted plants and fruit
Pretty liddle corner of soft colors and vintage charm add cozy feel....ahhhhh.. Vintage Décor, Home Décor, Kitchen Decor, Garden Décor!
there is a potted plant on the table next to two vases with plants in them
a basket filled with pine cones next to a white chair and an old fashioned tea kettle
"Naturen ger oss møjligheten att se allt det vackra dag efter dag"
VIBEKE DESIGN: "Naturen ger oss møjligheten att se allt det vackra dag efter dag"
some jars are sitting on a shelf with plates and other items in the shelves behind them
Blå & grønne favoritter....
several vases and plants on a table in front of a window
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Glass Jars
there are many vases with plants in them on the mantle
This photo has a very calming effect on me. It's such a simple, elegant display. Now all I need is a mantle.
a white table topped with baskets filled with plants and vases next to each other
Gamle plansjer i selskap med grønne skatter !
vintage botanical prints
a kitchen table with chairs and plates on it
White done right
Love all of this...especially the hanging pitchers! too cute!