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a painting on a wall with flowers painted on it
sommar on warm yellow — Maartje van den Noort
sommar on warm yellow - Maartje van den Noort
Yahoo Image Search
Yahoo Image Search
a painting of a boy laying on the ground with his head down and text that reads art inspiration
urgetocreate: Photo
black and white photograph of jellyfish swimming in the water with their tentacles hanging out
Jelly wonders under the sea. (Jellyfish)
an eye with green and yellow colors
one of my students personally requested a watercolor lesson to paint eyes with drippy parts all over it... so I will be saving this on here for that ;)
the quote from grayson perry on how to pay for an art project in your life
Grayson Perry Quote
a painting of a woman sitting on a chair with her hair blowing in the wind
Luxury fashion & independent designers | SSENSE
Mistivlav Pavlov
an instagram page with a drawing of a woman's head and hands on it
"Rise" by Andrea Farina. Embroidery and watercolor on stretched linen.
three metal frames with trees in them on a white surface and one is hanging from the wall
39 Simply Extraordinary DIY Branches And DIY Log Crafts That Will Mesmerize Your Guests
39 Simply Extraordinary DIY Branches and DIY Log Crafts That Will Mesmerize Your Guests
four different stages of the nose with instructions for how to draw it and how to use them
maeve88 - Professional, Traditional Artist | DeviantArt
Fantastic resource! The Human Face: Nose Tutorial.
an image of a woman's face painted on paper with watercolor pencils
What This Woman Is About To Paint Is Going To Rock Your World…
Take a portrait of beautiful bright eyes. Desaturate and run a line of color through the image at eye level.
a drawing of a woman's face with blue eyes and long hair, in front of a white background
65 Fabulous Fashion Illustrations
65 Fabulous Fashion Illustrations - From Crayon Style Collages to Psychedelic Female Depictions (TOPLIST)
an image of jellyfish watercolor - doesn't always have to be upright jellyfish watercolor
This piece is, unbelievably, done in colored pencil. Someday I would like to be just as good. :)
an image of a hole in the ground
A Paper Bear Art Journal Tumblr: Photo
Pen and Ink drawing