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a woman floating in the water with buildings on top of her head and lights lit up behind her
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an ocean view from the top of a hill with trees in front of it and a small island in the distance
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stairs leading up to the top of a white building with an ocean view in the background
VSCO - sweetlifeee
7 Breathtaking Travel Destinations Threatened by Climate Change
Watch this Earth Day-inspired video to discover which travel destinations you should plan to visit before it's too late. From The Great Barrier Reef being affected by bleaching to Venice, Italy sinking to Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania losing its ice caps to the Alps in Europe having shorter snow seasons, these are some of the most affected areas by global warming and climate change.
The World’s Largest Salt Flat Is a Photographer’s Dream
Book your tickets STAT!
Brit + Co
Watch this video to learn more about the blue town in Spain that used to be called the Smurfs Village.
Diamond Beach, Bali
Diamond Beach, Bali
people are walking on the beach next to the water and rocks in the ocean,
Planning Your European Travel - The Travel Tutorial
Mexican Natural Wonders You Should See In This Lifetime
These bright pink lagoons in Mexico are an explosion of color.
These Are The Most Beautiful And Budget-Friendly Islands
This beach in Aruba is packed with Flamingos and is the perfect thing to do and has to be added to every traveller's itinerary.
an aerial view of the ocean and mountains
a woman sitting on the edge of a pool in front of trees and water with her legs crossed
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